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Grand Lion Venue 

Transforming Spaces and creating special moments all over louisville !

Full Arch Décor 100.00

Fully Covered Arch .Off white floral and satin covering all metal.

Partial Arch Décor

White ,Yellow ,Purple , Red

Drink Trough

40.0 gallon container

2@ 6 foot column with lights

Columns are up to 6 foot .Comes with lights that change to your color.

Chandelier 5.00 each

Great to hang from ceiling , To use on vases or to put on Shepherds hooks outside .

Shepherd hooks with stand .
5.00 each

30 inches tall with base .

Pipe and drape 8x10 foot sections 75.00 each section

White Satin is included .

Grapevine Wreaths

3.00 each

Tulle Down Isle


Floral on Shepherds hooks

6.00 ea

Clean up attendant 200.00

Will be there the time the wedding starts until the end . Clean Bathrooms , Take out trash, Help get everything to the car. Be there to assist you in anything you may need. 

Plastic Drink Dispenser
3 gallons 

10.00 each

Galvanized Tubs

Great for holding Chips ,Silverware ,Napkins . 

5.00 each